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Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions - Gentle Giants™ World Class Advanced Cell Hydrating Formula™!

Our World Class Advanced Cell Hydrating Formula™
With Clustered Water® Technology
Is In Development!

Clustered Water® Technology is Soon-To-Be-Available for Your Dogs and Cats
in a Unique Formulation Designed to Maximize their Health and Longevity!
In the meantime, you can feed your dog and cat the same suggested
serving size of Vivo Clustered Water®! It is excellent for them!

Clustered Water® Technology Awarded 'Best New Cold Beverage'
by the National Nutritional Foods Association
(NNFA) in 2002

The National Nutritional Foods Association, founded in 1936, represents the interests of manufacturers and retailers of a wide variety of natural products including organic and health foods, natural ingredient cosmetics, sports nutrition products and vitamins, herbs and other dietary supplements. (click the logo to visit)

After wandering alone for days, very tired and very hungry, Donte was found by a Northern California shelter. Numerous, but unfortunately, unsuccessful efforts were made to locate his family in nearby towns and cities, but no one claimed him.

Gentle Giants was called, and arrangements were made to transport Donte and more than one dozen other homeless giant breed dogs to Gentle Giants’ state-of-the-art facility in Southern California to receive love and attention, and the best medical care.

On a Sunday afternoon, Donte arrived in an incredibly weakened condition. His entire body was shutting down. He couldn’t even stand up. When we gently lifted him into a standing position, he immediately sunk to the ground.

Donte was going downhill very fast. There was no time to get him to an emergency clinic.  He wouldn’t have made it. He was extremely dehydrated and the water that we gave him did nothing to improve his condition!

We realized that something had to be done very quickly to save his life. We immediately thought of our new advanced cell hydrating formula which we had been testing on our dogs and cats. With vitamins, collagen and anti-oxidants mixed in a base of Clustered Water®, which we believed from everything we had read and tested, and from the immediate benefits we had personally experienced from drinking Clustered Water® ourselves, Donte might be able to be stabilized until one of our vets arrived.

We got a large cup full of our new advanced cell hydrating formula (about 16 ounces), and little by little, we fed it to him. It was hard for him to swallow, and he was nearly delirious.

We laid him comfortably on a soft mattress covered with a blanket, waiting and watching, never leaving his side.

Thirty-six minutes went by, and unexpectedly, Donte stood up and walked over to us.  We couldn’t believe it! Donte wasn’t stumbling or showing any signs of weakness or of being off balance. He walked perfectly and acted 100% normally!

Donte’s recovery was miraculous! Days later, we received a call from Donte’s owner, who came and picked up him up.  We told his owner this same story, and he told us that he wanted to order Gentle Giants World Class Advanced Cell Hydrating Formula as soon as it became available.

Our Gentle Giants and Little Giants love the taste of our new . . .


Slurp! Slurp! Gobble! Gobble! Our Gentle Giants are discerning drinkers!

They know what they like!

Clustered Water® creator Dr. Lee Lorenzen and his wife, Penny,
get a surprise visit from "Keaira" a Scottish Deerhound
Lee also created our Advanced Cell Hydrating Formula™

1. Our Gentle Giants loving our Advanced Cell Hydrating Formula™
2. More of our Gentle Giants enjoy our highly nutritious hydrating drink
3. Dr. Lee Lorenzen serves the last drops to "Ursula"
4. "Ursula" grabs the bottle in hopes of having more to drink
5. "Ursula" proudly displays her souvenir bottle

* * * * * * * *

The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key

The Korean scientist, Dr. Mu Shik Jhon, is one of the world’s leading water researchers. He has published over 250 scientific papers – many of them on the specific hexagonal structure of water. His research, which is outlined in a book he published in Korea over 10 years ago, has spurred many scientists to look deeper at the structure of water and to begin to uncover its secrets. That book, The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key, has finally been translated into English – bringing to light an incredible amount of evidence in support of the hexagonal water cluster and its positive influence on our health. The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key is scientific documentation, collected over a period of 40 years. It verifies the existence of hexagonal water, which is found naturally in several parts of the world – specifically in areas where the inhabitants are known to live exceptionally long lives. It also explains why hexagonal water is so energetically powerful – why it has a greater capacity to hold and transfer energy and why it can move more efficiently throughout the human body.

According to Dr. Jhon’s recently translated book: "100% hexagonally-structured water has a huge capacity to store energy which can be released immediately when it is utilized by living organisms." The Water Puzzle explains that the hexagonal structure of water "organizes" to form a liquid matrix which has been found to surround healthy DNA and other healthy proteins in the body. On the other hand, Dr. Jhon shows us that unorganized water is found surrounding cancerous cells and abnormal DNA. He states: . . . "we have found that the water immediately surrounding normal protein forms a greater percentage of hexagonal structures. We have also found that the water surrounding abnormal (cancer-causing) proteins has a significantly decreased number of hexagonal structures and an increased number of pentagonal structures." According to The Water Puzzle, hexagonal water is the water of life! All biological organisms prefer it! They respond with enhancements in growth and marked increases in metabolic efficiency. Perhaps this is one of the reasons, according to Dr. Jhon:"Replenishing the hexagonal water in our bodies, can increase vitality, slow the aging process and prevent disease." He states further, "Aging is a loss of hexagonal water from organs, tissues and cells, and an overall decrease in total body water."

Dr. Jhon also states: "Even though the source of the water we drink is important, the structure of that water is the key. The best water for human consumption is hexagonal water. This water is characterized by a small cluster size (verified using NMR technology) which penetrates the cells much faster (verified with Bio Impedance testing), supplying nutrients and oxygen more efficiently than unstructured water. When hexagonal water replaces the unstructured water in the body, cell water turnover and cellular metabolism are enhanced - positively affecting many other functions. The study of hexagonal water has gone far beyond theory. It is now an accepted branch of science with commercial applications already in existence. In the Orient, the use of hexagonal water is well accepted and there is a great desire to consume it on a regular basis. If we are to live a long life, free of disease, we need to drink a sufficient amount of hexagonal water on a daily basis.”


In the early 1990’s, Lee H. Lorenzen developed a patented Microcluster Template Induction Process to transcribe the chemical and physical signaling information to clustered water (CW). Cooperating with Masaru Emoto (Japan), he developed a water crystal photography technology to characterize imprinted CW. It appears that individual templated CW has a unique, reproducible hexagonal crystalline structure.  


Rancho Santa Margarita, CA---Center for Bio- Signaling & System Research, New Jersey Institute of Technology, NJ A Clustered Water® research study on "Hydration and Health" was published in the National Library of Medicine. This 2003 international cooperative research project, organized by the Chinese Health Care Science and Technology Society, compared distilled water and the US patented Clustered Water®.The double-blind study concluded that the amount of water inside of the cell improved by more than 13.4 times more than patients drinking distilled water. The relative small size of the water cluster may be one of the mechanisms that lead to improved cell structure and function. Included in the study were bioelectrical impedance analysis that showed that diabetics had a lower ratio of intracellular water and extracellular water.

The National Library of Medicine (NLM), on the campus of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, is the world's largest medical library. The Library collects materials and provides information and research services in all areas of biomedicine and health care.

  (Original communications on file with the Law Office of Randell Monaco, Newport Beach, CA)

Statements and Testimonials

I chose patients who had experienced limited or baseline plateau response to traditional therapeutic regimens for a diverse range of problems. Baseline therapy was unchanged as the use of clustered water was introduced over a 4-week period. Of 22 patients who completed the regimen, 14 have noted significant subjective improvement of symptoms which (1) waned with a distilled water washout; and (2) were restored with return to clustered water solutions.

Jeff Baker, M.D.
Springdale, AR

Significant improvements have been noted in my patients. I feel that clustered solutions pose a novel approach to many abnormal physiological conditions when used with other effective generally accepted forms of therapy.

Bruce Odell, M.D.
Phoenix, AZ

The imprinting of characteristics into clustered water structures clearly belongs to the philosophy of inducing order into biostructures with therapeutic aims, one of the leading ideas of my book: Biostructures and Radiation Order Disorder.

Prof. Franco Bistolfi, Galleria Hospital
Genova, Italy

My own experience with clustered solutions has been extremely positive. Although the modes of action of tested solutions is inexplicable, the patient response has been undeniable. I have observed remarkable improvements in patients suffering from a number of disorders.

Francisco Carrillo, M.D., Spanish Hospital
Mexico City

I sought out Lee after reading his patents and witnessing the significant improvements in the health of my own wife. I have a great deal of respect for Lee and the cluster technology. I look forward to further research.

Zhi Y. Wang, Ph.D.
Former Associate Professor, Columbia University
College of Physicians and Surgeons

From the time we brought our newborn son home from the hospital, he suffered from stomach pain. For the first 10 months of his life he cried, doubled up in pain. We made weekly visits to our pediatrician, who prescribed countless medications and formulas - but nothing helped. By the time he was 2 we had tried every medical drug and herbal remedy we could find and still he had not slept through the night - not even once (neither had we). At the age of 2 ½, we started giving him Clustered Water™. Within 3 days he was sleeping through the night and actually playful and happy. My wife and I finally got our first full night’s sleep in 2 1/2 years! Ryan is now 5 years old and has never suffered from stomach pain since we began giving him Clustered Water™.

Dan and Lori Chittock

As manager of a local Health Food store, I have watched the increasing number of hydration products which have hit the market during the last year. I had even been drinking a widely marketed product for about 9 months - without noticing much. Then we brought in some Clustered Water™ and I decided to try it. The very first day, I noticed such a burst of energy that I felt like I was on a rocket for 12 hours. I have continued to drink 2, 16 oz bottles every day, and my energy is better than it has been in a long time. I recommend Clustered Water™ frequently and the feedback is very impressive. One woman had worked with various health professionals and
had tried everything in this store. She had toxic levels of copper in her body and nothing
had helped. Within several days after she began to drink 2 ounces twice a day, the
toxicity began to leave her body, permanently staining her clothing a turquoise
color. She feels better now, than she has in a long time. I think this
product will revolutionize alternative health care in this country. 
We can’t seem to keep it in stock.

Edwin Dossman


Clustered Water™ Improves Cellular Water Exchange
by Bob Fogli

The RJL unit (Bioelectric Impedance Machine) can measure a number of parameters which are helpful to the medical professional in diagnosing and caring for patients. It is a medically approved device and registered with the FDA. The RJL unit is used in most hospitals to determine whether or not specific treatments and therapies are working and whether or not a patient’s health is improving. Besides being able to measure hydration and cellular water movement, the machine records several other useful measurements. One of them is called the 'Phase Angle.'  This is a measurement of the cell’s ability to expand. It tells whether or not an individual is healthy at the cellular level. Typically, as we get older, cells don’t have the capacity to expand - they start to shrink and they can’t absorb nutrients as well.

The 'Impedance Index' is another measurement made by the RJL unit. It is an excellent indicator of overall health and can actually show whether or not an individual is getting into a state of disease. The Impedance Index will change when a person is sick - even with a cold or flu.

At a recent "Hydration for Health" seminar, Bob Fogli spoke about his use of the RJL unit to test the cellular water exchange capacity of individuals using Clustered Water™. He described his experience as follows:

"In 1999, I was attending a Health Fair which emphasized products for critical care patients. I was demonstrating the usefulness of the RJL unit when a lady came up to me and told me she had a product which would help with cellular water exchange. I wasn’t really interested, but the next week she called me and asked if I would be willing to meet with the inventor of her product and do some testing on it. I agreed."

"When she and Lee Lorenzen showed up, we began running some baseline tests on the individuals who were there. We waited about ten minutes after they drank some of the Clustered Water™ and then tested them again. I was certain I would be able to show them that their product didn’t work, because I knew it was impossible for water to affect cellular exchange in less than 40 minutes.  However, when I ran the test again, there was such a difference between the intra and extra-cellular water measurements, that I knew something was wrong. I was sure my machine was broken. I went to get another machine and perform the tests again. But, sure enough, the new machine showed that the water had moved. The first time, the tests showed that water had moved out of the cells - this time they indicated that the water had again moved back into the cells.  According to the measurements, there was rapid water exchange going on - but I knew that was impossible. We spent the whole day testing and at the end of the day I called the manufacturer of the machine and got a number of researchers involved. They thought I was crazy because, like myself, they all knew water couldn’t do that."

"Lorenzen and I agreed to do some work at my clinic where we had a lot of elderly people. I figured that if this water was going to work, it would work on elderly people because they have the biggest problems with hydration and other cellular difficulties. We brought in more than 50 older people, between the ages of 60 and 90, and over a period of several months, we watched their progress while drinking the Clustered Water™. We found that, not only were they experiencing better cellular water exchange, but there were other parameters which are measured on the RJL unit which showed improvement as well. Technically, according to the measurements, they could be getting younger."

"Even beyond what the testing was indicating, these people were actually feeling better. Some of them even looked visibly younger. As time passed, we found that these elderly individuals began to show positive changes in their 'Phase Angle' measurements. We also noticed that their 'Impedance Index' numbers began to rise."

As a result of the work Dr Fogli did at his clinic with Clustered Water™, Lorenzen was able to document, using the RJL unit, the fact that Clustered Water™ does, in fact, improve cellular water exchange.

Bob Fogli has over 20 years of experience using the RJL unit. He has conducted significant research for the manufacturer and probably has more experience using this device than
anyone in the country. He has no affiliation with the manufacturers or distributors of
Clustered Water™.


Clustered Water™: A Significant Health Discovery
by Howard Wolin, M.D.

When I first heard about Clustered Water™, the theory made sense, but I was skeptical. I decided to see whether or not it would truly perform. Now that I have been using the Clustered Water™ on my patients, I truly believe that it is one of the most restorative products available today. Clustered Water™ effects the basic core of cell biology and has the ability, in my opinion, to stop, and sometimes even reverse, cellular degeneration. I also believe that this water speeds up the healing processes in the body, dramatically enhancing the utilization of nutrients and helping to restore cellular communications which are an imperative part of optimal health.

I have come to discover that dehydration at the cellular level is the root of most degenerative problems in the human body. Unfortunately, due to the heavy toxic load our drinking waters have endured over the past century, the water we drink today, no matter how pure it may be, simply does not have the ability to work on the deep, cellular level that is required by the body to achieve optimal health.

Clinically, I have been able to determine that this water is capable of reawakening dormant and compromised functions in the cells of the body and rapidly eliminate many deeply held toxins.  Along with going through powerful detoxification periods, my patients are reporting seemingly miraculous health benefits from a very wide variety of degenerative problems. They report increased energy, a greater sense of well being, decreased cravings for junk food and more stable sleep patterns. Even my patients are finding significant benefits.

The amazing thing about this water is that it has the ability to help the body in ways that science has not even begun to understand. I have witnessed so many benefits from people taking this water that I can honestly say, in my professional opinion, it is the scientific health discovery of the century!

Dr. Wolin is a practicing medical doctor with over 30 years of experience and a Clinical Professor of Medicine at Northwestern University. He specializes in advanced nutrition and healing techniques.


Clustered Water™ - "The Perfect Addendum to my Orthopedic Practice"
An informal discussion with David Stokesbary, M.D.

Dr. David Stokesbary is a practicing orthopedic surgeon, specializing in the use of electro-magnetic energy to support the healing environment. He is head of the Advanced Magnetic Research Institute and is highly aware of the latest advancements in both traditional medicine and other healing arts. He has recommended Clustered Water™ to many of his patients during the last 3 years and has often been in position to observe the outcome of its use.

How does Clustered Water™ augment your practice?
My work focuses on providing an environment which will support rapid healing. We use electro- magnetic energy to hasten the repair of broken bones and ruptured discs. This same energy can help with many brain dysfunctions and is even quite successful with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Cellular hydration is so important to the process. When each of the cells in our bodies is bathed in structured water, every natural process happens more efficiently - from the digestion of food to the metabolic reactions required for rejuvenation and repair. Many people are chronically dehydrated, which results in a reduced capacity to heal. Clustered Water™ hydrates the body very rapidly and there are laboratory studies showing that Clustered Water™ significantly reduces wound healing time. Clustered Water™ is the perfect addendum to my work. It is also a wonderful way for individuals to take an active role in their healing.

Can you share some specific instances where the use of Clustered Water™ has taken your patients to new levels of health?
One of my favorite stories concerns a PhD psychologist with fibromyalgia and a herniated disc at L4-5. She was having a difficult time just maintaining her work. Between the back pain and the exhaustion from fibromyalgia, she routinely went home early and her children were taking care of the house. When I introduced her to Clustered Water™, I told her to start by drinking 2 ounces a day, and to build up gradually to 2, 8 oz glasses each day (I was afraid she might experience a healing reaction if she drank too much, too soon). What happened was that she took 4 ounces, twice the first day and  felt the extra energy immediately. The second day, she drank 4 ounces, several times and came in for a treatment, but she didn’t mention how good she was feeling. By the end of the first week, she was drinking Clustered Water™ exclusively and her fibromyalgia symptoms had disappeared. She did experience quite a healing reaction later, with migraine headaches, depression, fatigue - even weeping - but she knew what was happening and continued to drink the water. She told me later, that for the longest time, she was afraid it would quit working - that’s why she never mentioned anything when she came in for treatments. She rapidly returned to a normal lifestyle with the kind of energy she thought she would never have again, and her disc healed rapidly, as well. As you can imagine, this woman is a real proponent of Clustered Water™.

In your opinion, what are the most obvious benefits of drinking Clustered Water™?
The benefits of drinking Clustered Water™ become obvious when you consider the detoxification it promotes. Anything that encourages this kind of detoxification, is capable of playing a huge role in generating cellular energy. Cellular water movement is critical for adequate absorption of nutrients; also for the elimination of metabolic waste products. Those who drink this water are benefiting in both ways. With better nourishment and more effective waste removal, every process in the body will happen more efficiently. This efficiency accounts for the greater levels of energy which are often experienced. It also accounts for improvements in mental clarity and the heightened sense of well-being, so often experienced. And, of course, it supports the healing environment.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by "healing reaction?"

When your body finally has enough extra energy, it will begin to throw off toxins which it has been unable to get rid of in the low energy state. This is much the same as when you get a cold or flu - you are throwing off toxins. If the toxic load is too great, you feel sick. You sometimes have aches and pains, headaches, diarrhea, sinus discharges - they are all signs that the body is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. However, it is always more comfortable if a person can do this gradually - without the discomfort. What occasionally happens is that people start with too much Clustered Water™. They begin to detoxify and they feel sick. They decide it is bad, rather than good and they never drink the water again. It just represents a lack of understanding about what is really going on. I’ve seen my share of healing reactions. How severe they are depends on the health of the individual and how fast they try to increase the amount of water they drink.

How much Clustered Water™ do you recommend? Do you think that a person can drink too much?
I recommend that some of my patients build up to 4-6, 8 ounce glasses a day, while they are healing. It has a tremendous capacity to hasten that process. I usually suggest two, 8 oz glasses a day. This certainly seems to be a good maintenance dose - it’s what I try to drink every day.

Do you have any other suggestions for those who might be considering Clustered Water™?
When someone is ready to take charge of their personal health, I always suggest
that water is the first place to begin. Dehydration is linked to so many maladies
and the simple addition of sufficient good quality water can often be a
major turning point. When Clustered Water™ is used with good
nutrition, the results can be amazing. I see it all the time.


Clustered Water™ Helps Win Olympic "Gold"
by Mike Bottom - Personal Coach for Gary Hall, Jr.

I’ve been training Gary Hall Jr. since 1995. About one year prior to the 2000 Olympics, Gary found out he had insulin-dependant diabetes. He was devastated and took some time away to sort things out (Diabetes has limiting factors in normal life, let alone for an athlete).

When Gary came back, he came to me and said, "I want to swim." So, one of our challenges was to find the best supplements and the best nutritional regimen that would work, both with his diabetes and his workload as an athlete. I worked with Gary’s doctor, who is now heading up the Diabetes Center at USC Medical Hospital. He came to Berkeley where we were training and helped us test Gary's blood sugar levels in response to different supplements.

As the 2000 Olympic trials were approaching, we formed a training group called the Sprint Team 2000, consisting of 10 Olympic hopefuls. We gathered in Phoenix, Arizona for training. The challenge of training in Phoenix was to find an effective fluid replacement that would compliment our nutritional supplements and help fight dehydration. We were practicing in the summer where temperatures ranged from 105 to 120 degrees and we were either stretching or working out nearly 8 hours a day. It was very, very tough on the guys’ bodies.

Dr. Karl Mohr, who works with the Cal Swim Team, had been talking with Lee Lorenzen about a product called Clustered Water™. Right away, I knew this was the answer. Clustered Water™ works its way rapidly through the cells, because of its molecular structure and at the same time, it can carry the nutrients we burn up quickly as athletes.

I’ve never trained like we trained that summer. The first thing I noticed was that these athletes were recovering quickly, and I believe the key was having the Clustered Water™ to keep them hydrated in that type of heat. I don’t know of  anything else that could have gotten into their systems as quickly as they needed it. The Clustered Water™ flushed out lactic acid and carried nutrients into their cells so that their bodies recovered much more quickly - that's what I would like people to understand - Clustered Water™ is a great delivery system!

At the Olympic Trials, I was carrying around cases of Clustered Water™ and Lorenzen filled my trunk with it. Gary Hall and Anthony Ervin, from the Phoenix group, both made the Olympic Team.

When Gary landed in Sydney, he developed health issues as a result of the travel and stress. He nearly passed out in the airport and I knew his body was really weakened. At that point, he got sick. He developed a chest cold, sore throat and fever and wasn't able to workout for several days. I believe Clustered Water™ was instrumental in his recovery and I made sure he was drinking about a quart a day as well as plenty of other fluids. A fever really knocks it out of you and the Clustered Water™ helped him stay hydrated. Within 3 days, he started feeling a lot better. When it came time for him to swim, he was nearly recovered.

Once on the blocks, history was made. For the first time in Olympic history, two men tied for the Gold Medal - both of them using Clustered Water™. Gary and Anthony tied in the 50-meter freestyle. Gary also won a Gold Medal in the Medley Relay, a Silver Medal in the 400-meter free relay and a Bronze Medal in the 100-meter free style.


Research Studies: Chinese Health Care Science & Technology Society

Clustered Water® – CHCSTS Clinical Studies

After Cluster Solutions, Inc. received the "Best Nutritional Beverage" award at the 2002 NNFA (National Nutritional Foods Association), the Chinese Health Care Science and Technology Society invited Dr. Zhi Y. Wang and several consultants to organize a number of laboratory and clinical studies using Clustered Water®. Dr. Wang has written two papers on the very impressive results of these studies. The first paper, titled, Low Resonant Frequency Storage and Transfer in Structured Water Cluster, details the results of the preliminary clinical studies in China and includes the results of all five of the initial studies.

Dr. Zhi Y. Wang is a former Research Associate Professor at Columbia University in the college of Physicians and Surgeons and is also a renowned world leader in the field of tea and cancer research. He has published over 80 scientific articles and contributed to numerous texts in the last 20 years.

Dr. Wang has been intrigued with the "structure of water" for many years as well as how its structure may be related to specific biological functions within living organisms. The research we have completed in China is beginning to show us how important the structured water cluster is – especially its relationship to biological functions within the body.”

One of those studies documented the effects of Clustered Water® on the immune system. In this study, 20 mice were given only Clustered Water®, while 20 mice in the control group were given only de-ionized water. After 2 weeks, there was an approximate 60% increase in lymphocyte production measured in the Clustered Water group, indicating a significant improvement in immune function. Spleen cell culture analysis indicated a similar immune modulating effect (The spleen is an organ which is directly related to immune function).

Another study reported in Dr. Wang’s initial paper, discussed the use of the Bioelectric Impedance Analyzer to measure the Phase Angle of 31 patients (all considered to be in "poor" health - half of them residing in the hospital). Each patient drank 8 ounces of Clustered Water®, twice daily for 15- 37 days. Over half of the patients noticed initial (2-3 day) increases in urine output and an increased frequency in bowel movements. Some noticed headaches and itching (all signs of detoxification). More than half of these patients noticed improvements in their sleep and/or their vision. Many noted an increased thirst (a very good sign for the elderly). During this very short period of time, the Phase Angle of 55% of those studied, indicated an improvement in overall health.

"These initial findings are very impressive. They have warranted the continuation of studies with Clustered Water® in China," reports Dr. Wang.

Because of the "impressive results" of the preliminary studies, a multi-center, double blind, clinical study was the next undertaking. This recently completed study was the subject of Dr. Wang’s second paper on Clustered Water®, entitled, Micro-clustered Water and Hydration, which was presented at the International Congress of Clinical Nutrition in August 2004. In this second paper,
Dr. Wang outlines the significant effects of Clustered Water® on cellular hydration, basal metabolic rate, Phase Angle and blood sugar balance.

Lee Lorenzen, who supplied Clustered Water® for the Chinese trials, had this to say about the results of these studies:

"We are very grateful to Professor Wang, Dr. Zhu and other members of the international research team for their dedication to this project. Our clustered solutions have been safely used in many countries for more than 15 years now. Subjectively, we have witnessed many remarkable improvements in health, but it is gratifying to see scientific data supporting these observations."

Since the early 1990’s, when Clustered Water® became available, numerous other medical doctors, in both university and clinical settings, have found that it could be an important factor in improving their patients’ health. In 1992, Dr. Bruce Odell from Arizona State University performed an 18 month study using Clustered Water®, which resulted in the improvement of numerous disorders which appear to be related to dehydration. In 1995, Dr. Jeff Baker organized his own clinical research, where he chose patients from his practice that had experienced limited response to traditional therapies. Fourteen of the twenty-two individuals who participated noted
significant improvement, which was reduced with the use of distilled water and
restored again with the return to Clustered Water®. Dr. Baker reported that each
of the responsive patients noticed an improved level of energy. Other medical
doctors, including Dr. Van Duc Hoang, Dr. David Stokesbary and Dr.
Francisco Carrillo, have noted the effects of Clustered Water®
on a variety of patients and a variety of health


The History of Clustered Water®

The Journey Begins

The journey began in 1973. After Lee Lorenzen graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, he moved to Southern California to become a research student at the University of Southern California, Irvine, School of Medicine.

Like so many researchers, his vocation was chosen because of his desire to make a difference in the health and happiness of mankind, and he quickly became interested in complementary medical models. Soon thereafter, he heard a lecture from Stanford scientist Dr. William Tiller on the unusual chemistry of water, which stimulated new thought on water's potential.

Months of research eventually led Lee to the famous healing springs of Lourdes, France. There he found living proof of natural water clusters - something that had escaped decades of scientific scrutiny. He found the same phenomenon in ten other healing springs around the world and also found geologic similarities in the places where these springs were located.

Lee and Penny Lorenze

Lee's wife, Penny, was chronically ill, which led to severe dehydration. With his wife bedridden, taking care of their two young boys became almost impossible.

For the first time in their lives, they got down on their knees and prayed. That was New Year's Eve, 1985, and to their delight the answers began to come.

The Pieces of the Puzzle

As more of the pieces of the puzzle came together, Lee learned how to duplicate the natural conditions which produce water clusters. He and his wife, Penny, became guinea pigs- drinking the solutions he called "Clustered Water®."

Lee turned to the Far East, a culture that recognizes the potential of natural health techniques. Since 1988, he and a group of doctors and researchers have documented the effects of Clustered Water®. The results and conclusions were published in two books in Japan.

In 1991, the solutions were first introduced to the general public in the United States. It took eight years, but the first U.S. patent was finally granted in 1998 for the production of stabilized Clustered Water® solutions. Today these solutions are available in select food, drug and health retailers around the world.

Many consider Clustered Water® to be an answer to their prayers - the same way it was an answer to those of Lee and Penny years ago.

* For additional information, please visit and

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