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Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions - Gentle Giant Super Heroes to the Rescue - Page 1 of 2
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Gentle Giant Super Heroes
to the Rescue

Dearest Burt and Tracy and Melody,

First of all, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!!

Ours will be wonderful because of precious "Beau" whom we adopted from you a few weeks ago.

He is perfectly at home now and sleeps using me as his human pillow.

What a precious boy!

He docks everyday about a million times and we just love him.

Of course, you know, we NEED another baby from you!

I should have realized this when we were there!!!

If you have a special Dane or another baby you think would be a good fit, please give us a call and we will come up.

"Beau" is magnificent.

I have sent you pictures under separate cover with the Christmas Card and I just cannot tell you what a joy he is to us.

What a big cuddle bug!!!!

He really is a lap dog, just like you said and when he comes to greet you, he will park himself on your lap and then gently, one foot at a time, get all the way up in the chair.

Thank you so very, very much.

Our lives will never be the same and all our dog babies will be coming from you from now on.


Robin, Phil and Juliana and, of course, "Beau"

"Beau" Saved My Life!

Dearest Tracy, Burt and Melody,

Did I tell you that "Beau" saved my life the other day?

I was walking out to get the mail, and some guy jumped from behind the neighbor's fence and had a gun and a knife and clearly, he meant great harm.

Well, of course, "Beau" was with me, and before you could bat an eye, "Beau" had him down by the throat and shoved all his body weight on this guy where he could hardly breathe!!!

I told "Beau" to hold him and reached down and got the gun and knife, so he couldn't shoot or cut "Beau."

Then, I ran in to get the cell phone to call the police and just waited for the police to arrive.

I just told "Beau" to hold him and the guy was begging for mercy, and I told him if he wanted to stay alive, he would stay very, very, very still.

And he did.

The police came and arrested this bum, and it turns out he was stealing mail from people's mail boxes.

Well, of course, now he is in jail with an attempted murder charge.

The police officer who arrested him REALLY loves dogs, especially "Beau" and he said that it would be an attempted murder charge because of the weapons he had on him.

Please don't worry about "Beau" absolutely no harm came to him.

I would have put myself between him and the bum if necessary, but sweet "Beau" turned into the most protective dog I have ever seen!

It was a miracle, because I never even saw the guy who jumped the fence until he was about a foot away from us.

Needless to say, "Beau" did.

Not only do I owe you a big part of my heart, I owe you my life because of "Beau."

He is a miracle, just like you.

We really ARE your biggest fans!!!!!!!

Love always,

Phil, Robin and Juliana and "Beau" the Miracle Baby


"Hamlet" Saved My Life!

Dear Tracy,

I don't know if you remember me, but I adopted "Hamlet" from you about 5 yrs ago.  He is a beautiful Fawn Dane with natural ears.

I have a disability which sometimes leaves me having to use a wheelchair, though sometimes I can walk.

But, much of the time I am slower and in pain.

I live alone and adopted "Hamlet" both as a friend and as a dog who could protect me if I was in danger.

I wanted him to be a deterrent if someone was thinking of taking advantage of a handicapped woman living alone.

Well, I called you just about all the time after adopting "Hamlet" because he was the friendliest Dane in the world, and I would keep calling and calling you telling you that I was worried that he loved everyone he met so much that I worried he would never protect me if I was truly in danger.

This troubled me so much that I called you all the time and kept asking you to see if you could find me an 'aggressive' Dane female who would protect me. 

And you answered me very nicely and patiently  and often said that despite the fact that "Hamlet" loved everyone, as he should act in a 'Danely' way towards all people that he is properly introduced to, that if I were truly in danger, "Hamlet" would know the difference and actually would protect me.

You further told me never to let him bark at the door, never to let him bark at the fence, and never to let him bark in the yard because it would be the start of protective behavior that could lead to him being too protective.

You told me that he was trained to not act that way.

I told you that he never barked at anything, despite the fact that it would have made me feel safer if he did.

I wanted to trust your opinion, but just couldn't believe that this sweet lovable Doofus of a Prince would actually have it in him to protect me if I was truly in danger and though the 'aggressive' female that I kept asking you to find for me never came along, I am writing now to tell you that you were so right and I owe my life to my "Hamlet" the Most Wonderful Dog on this Earth!

I had a swimming pool put into my home to help as therapeutic treatment for my disability, and there were workers in and out of my home for a couple of months as the swimming pool was being built.

For months, everyone was in and out and friendly, and "Hamlet" was right there with me and the workers as the project progressed.

Though "Hamlet" is generally always in my house, he did go out to potty and to socialize as was his love and his sweet gentle nature to do so.

Everyone said that he was the nicest dog they had met, almost like a human child, he was so sweet natured and affectionate.

As you told me, a Great Dane is like a 5 year old child for life after the age of 4 years old.

Anyway, the pool was built and the workers left.

A couple of days later, one of the lead workers for the pool knocked on my door after dark, and since I knew the man, I let him in.

Unbelievably, he instantly grabbed me, held a knife to my neck and asked me for two hundred dollars.

I gave him all the money I had and while he still was holding the knife in my direction, he said that he was going to use the phone.  As he picked up the phone, my heart was pounding, but as best as I could, I ran towards the door to where "Hamlet" was outside to eat and go to the bathroom, unaware of the danger.

This horrible man chased after me, and I barely opened the door and screamed at the top of my lungs, "Hamlet!" "Hamlet!" Help me! . . . "

I was hysterical as I ran out the door towards "Hamlet" knowing that I was in real danger.

"Hamlet" was my only chance for protection and I was very scared of the unknown . . .

Would "Hamlet" protect me? 

Or, would "Hamlet" only think of this man as a friend he had known for the last few months?

I had no choice. I ran and screamed as the man chased me.

All of this happened so fast, it is hard to believe.

The man was laughing as he ran after me and said, "Your dog likes me, lady. You're dead meat!"

Just as he caught up to me, "Hamlet" whooshed past me with the speed of lightning and smacked into him, knocking him down.

He really grabbed onto him.

There was no question - "Hamlet's" speed and determination said it all!

I was crying, but overjoyed and still frightened by what was happening.

Despite the fact that "Hamlet" had known this man and was friendly to him for months while my pool was being built, "Hamlet" could sense that I was in danger and overcame the biggest test of all, danger from someone he perceived as a friend.

"Hamlet" made the right decision, and was so effective the way he took this man down in his protection of me.

The man managed to get away, but he was missing most of his pants, part of his shoe and a good part of his leg.

Later, he was caught and put in jail for his attack on me.

Needless to say, I am SO in Love with my Big Baby Hero Protector that I am still amazed at how he knew when there was real danger and how he saved my life.

Thank you SOOO much again and again for all that you do to save these wonderful Heroes who can share our lives.

"Hamlet" is just like another child or baby in my household being part of all that we do in a sweet and gentle way, yet I know that he has the power to protect me if I need him to.

Great Danes are the sweetest and most gentle creatures on earth . . . unless danger lurks.

Thanks again.

Forever "Hamlet's" Mom!


"Baby" Scared Off An Intruder!
"Baby" (left) and "Harmony" (right)

Dear Tracy,

"Harmony" is doing great after her surgery.  Let me know when you want me to bring her in for all the other stuff.

We have two of the best Great Danes ever.

When "Baby" saw an intruder coming over the fence, he went after him to protect us. 

We are so happy with both of them.

We thought "Baby" was too nice to ever protect, and yet, he was fast when he thought true danger was near!

Wish we could have more.

Thanks again,


Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions - Gentle Giant Super Heroes to the Rescue - Page 1 of 2
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